About Us

The Flawless Experience

At Flawless Skin Care & Acne Clinic, we have a refreshing take on skin care that client’s appreciate: Simple – Effective – Results


san marcos, spaOur Philosophy

Our mission is to take care of you and your skin.  We surround our clients with an environment that is private, relaxing and professional yet casual.

Our skin care services are customized to every client. We use professional and state of the art skin care products to bring about a real change in your skin: reducing pigmentation, softening fine lines, slowing the appearance of aging, and giving your skin a vibrant, healthy glow!

Our licensed Estheticians also specialize in acne treatments.  Flawless is known for offering a safe and effective acne clearing program that will clear your skin in as little as 90 days without the use of dangerous prescriptions.

We firmly believe in using our expertise and advanced certifications to design successful skin care plans for every client.  By educating our clients about their skin type and concerns, and using quality professional products, every client can have the skin they’ve always desired.  That is our passion and purpose and we love to pass our enthusiasm on to you – our valued client.


Flawless first opened in 2011 in San Marcos, CA and is owned and operated by Nicole Bennett.
In 2013, Flawless Skin Care & Acne Clinic expanded into their new location on San Marcos Boulevard.  We now offer an Acne Clinic, hair removal, and clinical skin care treatments.

Thank you for choosing Flawless Skin Care & Acne Clinic for your skin care needs.  We look forward to serving you,

~Nicole Bennett, L.E.

Owner & Acne Specialist