No longer “just a luxury”

No longer “just a luxury”

Taking care of your skin is not a luxury.

Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Your skin is the first thing you show to everyone you see.  Skin has the remarkable capability to show whether you’ve slept well and if you’ve eaten healthy foods.  Your skin can tell others if you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun without sunscreen; they can see if you take the time to wash your make up off at the end of the day…or if you slept in yesterday’s mascara.  Your skin shows your laugh lines and your frown lines, your well-balanced glow or your uneven skin tone.  And women… your skin can show whether Mother Nature is visiting, too.

Your skin makes your first impression before you even say a word.

So let skin care feel like a luxury…the pampering, relaxing, delicious scents and healthy glow are luxurious.

Skin care will always feel like a luxury, but that’s not all it is now.  With so many different treatments to choose from, you can afford to maintain your skin without the guilt.  But one thing you cannot afford?  You can’t afford to let nature, environment, hormones, gravity and poor maintenance win.  Your first impression, your skin that is with you forever, is worth keeping healthy.

~Nicole Bennett and the Flawless Team