Acne Program

How the Acne Program Works

The Consultation

  • Review of your medical and acne history
  • Discussion of current home care, diet and lifestyle
  • Skin Sensitivity test to determine correct level of treatment
  • Photos of your skin to track your progress
  • An Acne Treatment with extractions
  • Review of the Acne Program guidelines and contract
  • Your Esthetician will recommend your home care products
  • Foundation color match for our acne safe make-up line (female clients)
  • Book your follow up appointments: 6 to 8 bi-weekly treatments

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The Home Care

After we have analyzed your skin, your Acne Specialist will customize your home care regimen.

For most acne sufferers, this will include a twice daily regimen:

  • Cleanser, Toner, AM & PM acne serum, Moisturizer and Sun Protection
  • Average Cost for first set of products is about $150
  • Product must be refilled as needed (products will be required to be refilled between months 2 and 4)

Your Commitment is Required

For the Acne Program to work, we require your cooperation.  You must be ready to make lifestyle adjustments and be willing and able to follow our advice and use our products exclusively. Your skin will not get clear if you continue to use make up or products that are not acne safe.

Anything worth doing requires commitment and our Acne Clinic & Program is no different.

As passionate as we are about clearing your skin, we can’t do it alone or do it for you.  You didn’t get acne overnight, and it won’t clear overnight.  BUT, you can get clear skin when you have the right tools, the right Acne coach in your corner, and by following our proven methods 100%!

Acne Treatments

Your follow up appointments will be booked every 2 weeks.

It generally takes 6-8 treatments (or 3-6 months) but you will begin to see positive changes by about the 3rd treatment.

Acne Treatment ~ $85

Once you are on the program, you will be seen every 2 weeks, unless otherwise directed by your Esthetician.

At each Acne Treatment visit you will receive either a mild acne peel or an enzyme facial.  Extractions will be performed as needed.  Your Esthetician will also use L.E.D. blue light therapy to assist in killing bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation.

Acne Treatments can be performed on the Face, Back, Chest, or Upper Arms.  If you require treatment on more than one area per visit, a 10% discount will be given on both areas booked.

  • 35-45 minutes
  • Must have received the Acne New Client Consult prior to booking
  • Skin improvements require professional care at home, too!  To achieve your skin care goals, follow your Esthetician’s prescribed plan for your skin and home care products.
  • Possible downtime (light flaking or minor redness post-treatment)
  • Do not book acne treatments before sports, exercise, hot yoga, or special events as you may have redness immediately after treatment
  • Do not wax within 5 days of this treatment
  • Do not receive Botox or Filler for 2 weeks before (you may receive Botox or Fillers 24 hours after)
  • For at least 5 days prior to this treatment, discontinue use of prescription-strength facial products, especially Retin-A/Renova/EpiDuo/topical antibiotics/Differin, etc.  Discuss with your physician before discontinuing prescriptions.
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds (tanning should be discontinued due to its adverse effects on the skin)
  • Let us know if you are pregnant or nursing when you book this treatment so we can modify to suit your needs

Looking for a Pre-Teen Option?

for ages 12 and under only

For Pre-Teens, we offer a milder program (client must be 12 or younger, no exceptions).  We focus on healthy skin education, teaching them how to care for their skin during the pre-teen years and beyond.  Our hope is that we can catch acne early and, with good at home habits, minimize the damage that acne causes when left untreated.

  • Milder home care:  Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Sun Protection
  • Depending on severity of acne and client’s age, one acne serum may also be recommended
  • As pre-teen ages, stronger products may be required
  • Treatments will be spaced further apart (i.e.: every 4-8 weeks, instead of every 2 weeks)