The Flawless Facial

The Flawless Facial

Not all clients require a full Program for their skin care.  If you’re generally satisfied with your skin or require only mild correction, and are desiring a relaxing and gentle facial service, the Flawless Facial is perfect for your needs.


No consultation or program is required to book this service.  As with all of our services, you will be required to complete an Intake Form so we can best customize your facial service.

If you’re concerned about correction of skin issues such as acne, pigmentation/sun damage, or advanced signs of aging we recommend our Medi-Facial or Acne Programs for best results.

The Flawless Facial

The Flawless Facial ~ $125

We expertly blend mild, rejuvenating skin care and relaxation to design a treatment that is perfect for clients seeking a spa-like facial service.

Perfect for clients who know the value of regular, gentle maintenance for their skin and have no current corrective issues.  Suitable for all skin types. Can be modified for be safe for nursing/pregnant clients as well.

  • Double deep pore Ultrasonic cleanse
  • Enzyme exfoliation, steam and mild extractions
  • Serum and hydrating mask
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • Moisturizer and Sun Protection
  • 60 minute Customized Facial
  • No consultation required – OK for new and existing clients
  • No downtime! Leave with soft, exfoliated, hydrated skin
  • For optimal results, schedule your facial treatments monthly
  • Skin improvements require professional care at home, too!  To achieve your skin care goals, follow your Esthetician’s prescribed plan for your skin and home care products.
  • Do not wax within 5 days of this facial
  • Do not receive Botox or Filler for 2 weeks before (you may receive Botox or Fillers 24 hours after)
  • For at least 5 days prior to this treatment, discontinue use of prescription-strength facial products, especially Retin-A/Renova/EpiDuo/topical antibiotics/Differin, etc.  Discuss with your physician before discontinuing prescriptions.
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds (tanning should be discontinued due to its adverse effects on the skin)
  • Let us know if you are pregnant or nursing when you book this treatment so we can modify to suit your needs