L.E.D. Light Therapy

cp-vert-red_lg_docYou’ve heard the buzz, and now light therapy is available at Flawless Skin Care and Acne Clinic!

What is L.E.D. Light Therapy?

L.E.D. uses light energy to restore and replenish damaged skin cells. Powerful wavelengths deeply penetrate into photoreceptors in your cells.

This results in boosted cellular energy that increases circulation and tissue repair and decreases inflammation.

L.E.D. is a progressive approach that stimulates your cell’s natural processes, continuing to provide long term benefits over time.

L.E.D. at Flawlessacne-setting-pillowlg

We recommend the following LED treatment plan:

  • 2 times per week for one month
  • 3 times per week for one month

Once your first series is complete, an L.E.D. treatment once a month with your regular facial is recommended for maintenance.  This treatment plan can be repeated as often as needed throughout the year to maintain results.

L.E.D. sessions are 30 minutes each and are painless and relaxing. Many clients are able to rest or even take a nap during the treatment!

30 minute sessions:
  • Glow & Go Red light therapy (aging skin) ~ $35 each
  • Glow & Go Blue light therapy (acne skin) ~ $35 each

Have more questions?

Please give us a call at 760.736.8240 or ask your Esthetician at your next appointment!