Waxing Services

Brow Design

At Flawless, we specialize in Brow Design and Shaping!

We use a variety of waxes that work well with all skin types.  Even the most sensitive clients rave about our gentle yet effective wax!  We never ‘double dip’, so you can be assured you are getting a quality, sanitary wax every time.

Come experience a wax service from trained, licensed Estheticians, and see the difference!

Flawless Brows ~ $32 

For the client who is looking for a new shape or to regrow over-tweezed, thin brows, the Flawless Brow Design service will show you how to achieve your ideal brow.

This service begins with a brow shape consultation.  We’ll map your brow and demonstrate your ideal shape.  Your Esthetician will trim, wax, and tweeze to put your brows on the right path to perfection.  We will then give a lesson in brow products so you can properly fill your brows while they grow in.

As with most first time Brow Design clients, this is just a first step and your brows will continue to be shaped over the next few appointments.

Book your follow up wax appointment every 2-4 weeks to keep your brows in shape.

Brow Wax ~ $22 

Keep your brows in shape with regular brow appointments!

Every 2-4 weeks is ideal for most clients.


Face Waxing by area*:

  • One Area $15
  • Two Areas $26
  • Three Areas $38

*Areas: Chin, Upper Lip, Cheeks, Side Burns, Nostril, or Jawline


Full Face Wax ~ $55

  • Wax face from jaw line and up.  Does not include brow wax
  • Do not exfoliate skin within 24 hours of wax
  • Do not tweeze between appointments
  • Exfoliants: For at least 7 days prior to this treatment, discontinue use of prescription-strength facial products, especially Retin-A/ Renova/ EpiDuo/ topical antibiotics/ Differin, etc.  Discuss with your physician before discontinuing prescriptions.
  • Must have discontinued Accutane for at least 6 months before receiving waxing services
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds (tanning should be discontinued due to its adverse effects on the skin)
  • Single wax areas such as Brow or Lip can be performed during your facial treatment, however all other face waxing areas must be performed 7-14 days before or after a facial.
  • Some medications can cause skin sensitivity and/or skin lifting.  Please advise your Esthetician of all medications
  • We cannot wax over skin that is sunburned, irritated or compromised
  • We cannot wax when contagious disease is present such as Herpes Simplex (cold sores), Impetigo, Conjunctivitis, etc.