Love Your SPF

Love Your SPF

Summer is here.  As the weather gets warmer and our time in the sun increases, our skin care needs to be a priority!

I’ve compiled a few tips to keep your skin healthy and protected this summer:

1) Don’t skimp on the sunscreen

Sun damage ages your skin and will cause wrinkles, dehydration, and sun spots.  A good broad spectrum sun screen is priority #1.  While it’s convenient to spray your face with the aerosol SPF 100 from the can, recent research shows that the chemicals in the aerosol sunscreens are doing more harm than good and the high SPF (sun protection factor) does not always equal better protection… just more chemicals.

In addition, the aerosol sunscreens that have become so popular because of their convenience (after all, spraying down the kids is much easier than holding them down while we slather them with lotions) are not administering enough sunscreen to the skin.  The spray is too thin to offer  much protection at all, making your aerosol SPF 70 as effective as, perhaps, a 20 SPF.

 A good sunscreen will have both UVA and UVB protection.  When viewing the ingredients, look for a sunscreen with Zinc or Titanium dioxide.  Those sunscreens with zinc or titanium dioxide are physical sunscreens, meaning they completely block the sun’s harmful rays.  Other sunscreens use ingredients that absorb the sun’s rays, which means that the damage does get into the skin at some level.

2)  Understand SPF

SPF is highly misunderstood.  See this link about figuring out how SPF applies to you.

 3)  Check the expiration!

How long has your sunscreen been sitting in the bottom of your beach bag?  Check the expiration date, but here’s a hint… if there is no expiration date, your sunscreen was likely made before the FDA determined that all sunscreens must show expiration.  Throw it out!  : )

4)  If you can see the sun, the sun’s rays can see you

Don’t be fooled.  Just because you’re in the shade, under an umbrella, or even in your car, the sun’s rays can effect your skin!  Harmful rays can penetrate clothing, too.  Apply sunscreen daily, whether you plan to be at the pool or beach or running errands!

 5)  Re-hydrate

The summer heat and the sun are dehydrating to our bodies (and if you’re sipping that Pina Colada by the pool, the alcohol is dehydrating your body even more so).  Chlorine, more frequent showering (due to sand, pool water, or sweat), and humidity are all very drying.  Drink water often, especially on days when your sun exposure is increased.

6)  A good sunscreen can and should be part of your daily routine!

Sunscreen doesn’t have to be greasy, smelly, or uncomfortable to wear!  A home care routine that is appropriate for your skin type will mean the difference between having that great summer glow or fighting off dry spots, oil slicks, or breakouts.

We LOVE our new Tizo sunscreen- a physical sunblock that has a tinted and non-tinted option, non-greasy, won’t make you breakout, and acts as a make-up primer, too!  You won’t even know you’re wearing sunscreen (and could probably trick your kids and spouse into wearing it, too!)



So, are you using over the counter sunscreens, such as Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Coppertone, Arbonne, etc…?  Even these ‘popular’ sunscreens made the Sunscreen Hall of Shame for overstating coverage, benefits, and for having some questionable ingredients!

When you’re ready to protect your skin with Professional Sunscreen, we carry TIZO 2 (non-tinted), TIZO 3 (tinted) and Face Reality sunscreens.  They have multiple broad spectrum physical sunscreens available!  You can order by calling us at (760) 736-8240, stopping by our San Marcos location, or send us an email at

Have a happy and SAFE summer!

The Flawless Face and Body Team