The Acne Cure!

The Acne Cure!

‘Miracle Acne Cure!’  

‘Clear skin in 5 simple steps!’  

‘3 days to clearer skin!’ 

‘Kitchen products that will fight your acne!’

Yes, those are all headlines that you’ve probably read in magazines or seen on TV.

Unfortunately its all lies and clever marketing aimed at getting your hopes up for the “magic pill” to clear your skin.  Its cruel, too, because it preys on your emotions and desperation to find the fix for your skin.

The TRUTH is that there is no magic cure or one-size-fits-all treatment.  Acne is cleared over time and then managed, not cured.

What we do in the Flawless Acne Clinic isn’t magic and isn’t a secret miracle cure- but it DOES work!

It may not be as exciting to hear, but through a little dedication on your part, and the right products and treatments from us, we can get your acne under control in about 90 days.

Here’s why:  the acne you are seeing on your skin right now probably formed about 30-60 days ago, deep beneath the surface of your skin.  It started as microcomedones, then worked its way to the surface over time.  During that time, your skin continued to make new microcomedones.  So the breakouts you’re seeing on the surface right now more than likely have a bunch of ‘friends’ just below them.  They haven’t surfaced yet but they’re there.

This is why any product or regimen claiming to clear you overnight/in 3 days/in 2 weeks, etc. is lying to you before you even get started!  Its not physically possible to clear the breakouts on the surface and clear the microcomedones underneath that quickly.

The good news is you don’t need a miracle!  We see success within about 3-4 months with our Program, and in the process you learn how to care for your skin and keep your acne managed for life!

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